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Life Changes in Saudi Arabia and Opportunities behind Them 沙特阿拉伯的生活变化及其背后的机遇

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Historic Arab Fashion Week, reopened crowded cinemas, a series of legislation to prevent sex harassment and to protect occupational safety, upcoming first legal female drivers and the historic festival “Souq Okaz” after this Ramadan,—among these great events, life changes quickly and becomes thriving in recent days in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so do many business opportunities behind the changes.


历史性的阿拉伯时装周,重新开放的熙熙攘攘的电影院,一系列防止性骚扰和保护职业安全的立法,这个斋月之后即将上路的第一批合法女司机和历史性盛会“Souq Okaz” —– 在这些大事件中,沙特阿拉伯王国的生活正在急剧变化,变得多姿多彩,同时也呈现出许多商业机会。


Before this year, few can imagined the Islamic kingdom would host a fashion week in its capital Riyadh. On April 10, 2018, Ritz Carlton hotel, Saudi Arabia's first ever Arab Fashion Week opens and joins designers from Europe and the Arab world over the course of four days. While the Riyadh’s women-only shows aren’t open to cameras, models, designers and delegates have been sharing a few moments from their down time. Saudi Princess Noura Bint Faisal Al-Saud, honorary president of the Riyadh branch of Arab Fashion Week, said fashion has always been important in the kingdom. A fashion industry is taking shape in the MENA region that could create jobs for up to 20 million women, the Arab Fashion Council anticipated.




The moment was connected to larger changes in the Kingdom. A week after the fashion show, the Kingdom’s first modern cinema opened to the general public. Saudi Arabia began issuing licenses again in March 2018 to operate cinemas in the Kingdom ahead of their reopening after a decades-long ban was lifted. And Saudi films entered in the Cannes Film Festival for the first time in May. 


这一时刻与这个王国的更大变化有关。时装秀一周后,沙特的第一座现代电影院向公众开放。在解除几十年的禁令后, 沙特阿拉伯于2018年3月开始再次发放运营电影院的执照,允许开办电影院。5月份沙特电影首次参加戛纳电影节。


The fashion show and the reopening of cinemas is part of Saudi Vision 2030. Saudi Vision 2030 is a plan to reduce Saudi Arabia's dependence on oil, diversify its economy, and develop public service sectors such as health, education, infrastructure, recreation and tourism. The first details were announced on 25 April 2016 by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. After that, increasing number of programs and measures are announced by Saudi Arabia government.


时装周、重新开放电影院是沙特愿景2030的一部分。沙特2030年愿景是一项旨在减少沙特对石油的依赖,实现经济多样化,发展卫生、教育、基础设施、娱乐和旅游等公共服务部门的国家战略。该战略的首批细节于2016年4月25日由王储穆罕默德·本·萨勒曼宣布。 此后,沙特阿拉伯政府宣布了越来越多的方案和措施。


Lately, the government put much effort on protecting human rights. On May 29, the Saudi government approved a measure on criminalizing sexual harassment in the Kingdom. The first legislation of its kind aims at combating the crime of harassment, preventing it, applying punishment against perpetrators and protecting the victims in order to safeguard the individual’s privacy, dignity and personal freedom. In addition, The Ministry of Labor and Social Development will implement an occupational safety and health (OSH) management system from July 1, in order to develop national regulations and motivate employers to create attractive, safe and healthy work environments.


最近,政府花了很大力气保护人权。5月29日,沙特政府批准了一项将王国内的性骚扰定为刑事犯罪的措施。 这方面的第一部法律旨在打击性骚扰,防止性骚扰,惩罚犯罪者和保护受害者,以保护个人的隐私、尊严和人身自由。 此外,劳动和社会发展部将从7月1日起实施职业安全与卫生(OSH)管理体系,以制定国家法规并激励雇主创造有吸引力、安全和健康的工作环境。


Recently many “first of its kind” and “historic” events are taking place in the kingdom, among which allowing women to drive is one of the most influential. As women in Saudi Arabia get ready to take the wheel after this Ramadan, automobile agents across the kingdom have started displaying attractive car models in their showrooms to woo women customers. Besides, saleswomen have started filling car showrooms to facilitate the decision-making process for potential female buyers. Sellers expect six to ten percent increase in car sales with women starting to drive in the Kingdom, which is the largest automobile market in the Middle East.


很多“史无前例”和“历史性”事件正在沙特发生,其中,允许女性开车是最有影响力的事件之一。 随着沙特阿拉伯的女性准备在斋月之后驾驶汽车,沙特全国的汽车代理商已经开始在他们的展厅展示迷人的汽车模型以吸引女性顾客。此外,女售货员已经开始在汽车展厅就位,以促进潜在女性买家的下单决策。在女性被允许开车的情况下,汽车代理商预计沙特,这个中东地区最大的汽车市场,汽车销量将增加6%到10%。


More historic events are on their way to the kingdom. For example, the Souq Okaz, which is considered one of the most important tourism tributaries in the Kingdom, will be opened under the patronage of King Salman on June 27 and last for 15days. This event also belongs to the Saudi Vision 2030, aiming at promoting the kingdom's tourism industry.


更多的历史事件正发生在沙特阿拉伯王国。例如,被认为是该国最重要的旅游业贡献点之一的Souq Okaz将于6月27日在Salman国王的观礼下开幕并持续15天。这同样属于沙特愿景2030的一部分,旨在大力发展该国的旅游业。


The Saudi Vision 2030, enriched by more programs like National Transformation Program 2020, Quality of Life Program 2020 are changing life in the kingdom in a modernized, joyful and open manner. Millions of job positions, hundreds of billions US dollars of investment opportunities, especially which of fashion, entertainment, automotive and tourism industries are open to private sector and foreign investors and enterprises. If you are interested in such investment opportunities and business potential in Saudi Arabia, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.



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