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Saudi Sports sector offers vast investment potential 沙特体育行业展现出巨大的投资潜力

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A workshop organized by the Makkah Economic Forum (MEF) has highlighted huge investment opportunities in the Saudi sports sector that can contribute to the growth of the national economy and create plenty of new jobs for the youth in the Kingdom.



Since May 9, for the first time, the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce is hosting a calendar of activities post the MEF that are designed to tackle current barriers and opportunities in Saudi market. The workshop titled, ‘Generation 2030: Opportunities for Innovation in the Sportstainment Economy’, was held in Jeddah by MEF in June 4, 2018. The MEF 2018 activities themes include: efficiency, opportunities, digitization, innovation and sustainability. The MEF aims to enable the private sector to become an active partner in activating the 2030 Vision realization programs.




Major transformations inspired by Vision 2030 have opened up new business avenues in the sports sector. Prospects for growth have increased substantially in the wake of landmark decisions such as permitting Saudi women to attend matches in stadiums, introducing physical education classes at public schools for girls, and issuing licenses to open women gyms and sports centers.




Behind those historic changes, there are opportunities of successful sport projects related to women and children segments of the society. Prince Bandar Al Saud, Chairman and Co-founder of Crescent Technologies KSA, explained that sports sector needs to be viewed beyond sporting activities such as football and basketball. He drew attention to lucrative business opportunities in sports related areas such as creating specially designed abayas (a kind of clothes) that women can use for fitness activities, including walking. Selling food and drinks during sports events at stadiums is another opportunity, he added.

在这些历史性变化的背后,存在大量与社会妇女和儿童有关的体育项目的成功机会。研讨会上,沙特新月形科技公司的董事长兼联合创始人班达尔•阿尔沙特王子(Prince Bandar Al Saud)指出,体育行业需要从足球和篮球等体育活动以外的角度来看待。他提请人们注意与体育相关领域的有利可图的商业机会,比如创造一种特殊设计的阿拉伯长袍(abayas),女性可以用它进行健身活动,包括散步。他补充说,在体育场的体育赛事期间出售食品和饮料是另一种机会。

Ziad Jarrar, Founder and Chief Design Officer at Taurus.com, said empowering people to apply for licenses to open sports centers and projects will create a strong social influence and increase people awareness about attractive opportunities that did not exist earlier in the sector.

研讨会上,Taurus.com网站的创始人兼首席设计官Ziad Jarrar说,授权人们申请开办体育中心和项目的许可证将会产生强大的社会影响力,并增加人们对该行业早期不存在的诱人机会的认识。

Some of the economic opportunities discussed during the workshop included sports management, sports event organization and sponsorship, snacks for athletes, educational courses on food, therapy and sports injuries, sportswear, women’s sports accessories which reflect the national identity, performance measurement center, sports tourism and sports equipment manufacturing.



Investors interested in investing in the sector should focus on niche areas and identify the services or products which people actually require; search for new and innovative ideas in the sector, offering efficient solutions and added-value to the society. The blue ocean market of Saudi sports industry is open to private and institutional investor home and abroad. Contact us if you are interested in sports project in Saudi Arabia.


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